As the original location of the Groundskeeper, experience is in abundance in the two Tucson branches. Branch Managers Mike Renner and Glen Killmer have a combined 60+ years of service with the company.

Mike started his career as a maintenance laborer in the early 1980’s and moved through the ranks to his current position of Tucson South Branch Manager that he has held for over 15 years. During this time, Mike’s attention to detail has helped him create and improve the processes that see his branch constantly deliver exceptional quality and customer service.  Key members of his team include:

Robert Reyes- Senior Production Supervisor

Catherine Howle- Tucson South Business Development

Dan DeAnda- Tucson South Improvements Consultant

Glen Killmer has also been with the company for almost 30 years. Glen brings his field expertise and extraordinary passion to the Tucson North leadership position. Glen’s constantly looking for those industry advancements that will add quality and value for his customers. Key members of his staff include:

Robert Sagasta- Senior Production Supervisor

Patrick Vanoni- Tucson North Business Development

Trevor Schiess- Tucson North Improvements Consultant

Petr Chylik- Tucson Tree Consultant

Tenured supervisors, crew leaders, and support staff- some with 30+ years of experience, certified arborists, certified spray technicians, and nationally accredited irrigation auditors make up the backbone of our production team. As employee-owners, our staff is eager to see that we exceed your expectations!